People looking to shed unwanted fat deposits from the body have typically been restricted to a couple of options. The first is diet and exercise – which is not guaranteed to reduce fat evenly across the body – and liposuction, which is both expensive and extremely invasive. Little wonder then that so many choose to do nothing, cover themselves up and suffer in silence.

The good news is that in recent years, a new type of treatment has been discovered and it goes by the name of Cryo Slimming. Also known as Cool Body Sculpting or Body Contouring, Cryo Slimming is a simple yet effective way to remove fat cells from the body without the need for surgery, weeks of pain or thousands of pounds in cost. In this blog, we take a look at the treatment in closer detail.

Cryo Slimming Illustration


So, What’s Involved?

The reason why Cryo Slimming doesn’t involve surgery is that it doesn’t require direct access to the fat cells that live under the upper layers of skin. Typically speaking, a single treatment will last around half an hour and it’s carried out by using low temperatures through the skin to destroy the offending fat cells. Not only is Cryo Slimming non-invasive and non-surgical but it also causes no damage to the skin.

Don’t worry about where those dead fat cells end up either, as Cryo Slimming simply causes them to be flushed out into the bloodstream, through the lymphatic systems and out of the body. It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks to occur, but it’s a natural part of the process and happens painlessly and safely.

What’s Cryo Slimming Good For?

Rather than being a treatment that’s meant for removing large amounts of accumulated body fat, Cryo Slimming is ideal for stubborn pockets of fat that are proving difficult to remove through regular diet and exercise. When looking to reduce your overall weight, diet and exercise is still the best long-term solution, however, cool sculpting will help improve your body confidence by banishing those deposits that just won’t shift.

The areas of the body that these deposits tend to reside are the thighs, the arms, the stomach and the unfortunately named love handles! Whether male or female, Cryo Slimming can aid in the reshaping of your body without the need to a) go through the trauma of surgery or b) take time off of work to recover physically.

So, What Does a Course of Cryo Slimming Involve?

For most people, the best results are going to be achieved after between 3 and 6 treatments and it’s recommended that at least two weeks be left between each session. If you have too many treatments too close together, you’re not going to give your body time to completely shed the fat cells and expel them through the lymphatic system.

As with any treatment, living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying a healthy diet will certainly help you achieve your body goals more quickly. And once you’re at your desired shape it can be a good idea to take less regular maintenance Cryo Slimming sessions. You’ll need to keep your healthy lifestyle afterwards though, as It’s meant as a compliment to a healthy lifestyle, rather than a substitute for it!

The Main Benefits of Cryo Slimming

We’ve already covered the fact that ‘fat freezing’ is both non-invasive and non-surgical, but this simple treatment also comes with a number of other associated benefits.

And they are:

  • The ability to return to your routine the same day as having treatment
  • Cryo Slimming is completely painless treatment lasting just 30 minutes
  • It’s very effective at eliminating stubborn fat deposits
  • Results can be achieved after a single session
  • It’s much more cost-effective than expensive private surgery

When compared with surgery, Cryo Slimming most certainly offers a much more palatable and frankly less scary option. Like it or not, cosmetic surgery doesn’t always go to plan and you by choosing this much more natural process, it’s avoided altogether.

An Increasingly Popular Choice

Essentially, Cryo Slimming offers all the benefits of harsher, more traumatic forms of fat removal treatment, but without any of the drawbacks. There’s no pain, no recovery time and no huge bill facing you after you’ve finished, so with many people out there unhappy with the look of their bodies, it’s easy to why Cryo Slimming is an increasingly popular choice.

It’s by far and away the best choice for removing unwanted fat deposits and those who opt for it are invariably happy with the results. Why not try it out for yourself? That beach body you thought was out of your reach might be closer than you thought.