Belly fat, the thought of it alone would make many women cringe, that’s to tell you it’s not just about you. There’s this pretty cousin of mine with an adorable smile, a curvy body that turns heads wherever she goes and a big belly that makes many see less of her beautiful legs. She’s one of those whose browser has many tabs filled with “how to get rid of belly fat.”

Regardless of when you look through her smartphone, she’s reading something about how to get rid of belly fat. If she finds it interesting, she’ll leave it open or even bookmark the page. How did I know so much about this? Please don’t ask me.

You cannot blame my cousin for being in dire need of a means to get rid of her belly fat. It comes off as embarrassing, not to talk about the health impact. According to a study, women with belly fat have increased their chances of dying from heart-related diseases when compared with women with smaller waist size. Abdominal fat is more terrible than you having fat in other parts of your body. 

It’s not only women that should be concerned with how to get rid of belly fat, but men also are not exempted. However, as a woman, you are at a higher risk than men. Measure your high waist circumference; if you are 35 inches or higher as a woman or 40 inches as a man, you need to read this article to the end.

What the medical community refers to as visceral fat increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, abnormal cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and breathing problems. This article is not to scare you than you are already but to proffer workable and proven solutions to what we’ll call “danger in the middle.”

Before you read ahead, do away with the mentality of getting rid of belly fat within a week. It takes conscious and intentional efforts, coupled with lifestyle and dietary changes.

Cryo Slimming 

 The ability of cryotherapy to reduce cortisol and build hormones in fighting fat accumulation can be relied on to get rid of belly fat. This is not a rumor but proven in a study. The idea behind cryo slimming is simple; it prevents the growth of fat in the body. 

Imagine being able to combine cryo slimming with a change in diet and regular exercise; you’ll be totally free from belly fat. It’s all about keeping your cortisol in check, and that’s what Cryo slimming does best. 

CoolSculpting or SculptureSure

Yes, getting rid of belly fat can be difficult. It’s not your fault even though you are making efforts. That’s where CoolSculpting comes into the picture; it’s a non-invasive fat-reducing procedure that freezes fat cells. Interestingly, Coolscupting or SculpureSure as a form of cryopolisis is FDA approved. 

Results gotten from CoolSculpting or SculptureSure can be irrelevant if you take up unhealthy habits post-procedure. Maintaining a healthy habit and lifestyle will help get rid of belly fat forever. 

Stay Fit With Cardiovascular Exercises

This may take a while, but it sure works in getting rid of belly fat, as proven in a study that compared men who engaged in an exercise to those who did not. The best form of exercise to reduce belly fat is cardio exercises. While it gets the heart pumping, lowering calories, and eliminating visceral fat. 

Aside from cardio exercises, you can also consider high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn belly fat. For example, you can walk for 3 minutes, and squat for another 30 seconds, then run for 45 seconds. This is perfect if you cannot handle the rigors of sustained exercises. 


This is another way of getting rid of belly fat, and it’s proven to be an effective method of losing fat. Being one of the most effective means of losing belly fat, it’s FDA approved and non-invasive. 

Vanquish makes use of a three-paneled applicator that creates a half-moon shape that is directed to the abdomen. It utilizes radiating magnetic waves without touching the skin. The beauty of Vanquishing is the direct application on the belly. There’s no pain as it’s a smooth applicator. 

Final Thoughts on Cryo Slimming

We’ve done a thorough job in reducing your everyday search for “how to get rid of belly fat.” You have a couple of options to look your best. 

Just like my cousin would always say, belly fat is diminishing her good looks, and also increasing her health risks. That’s precisely what it’s doing to you, but now you have learned how you can get rid of it with any of these methods.