If like so many others, you’ve struggled with weight loss over the years, you’ll know exactly how hard it can be to stick to a healthy eating plan. Achieving your weight loss goals can be tricky, as it requires a good degree of self-discipline and will power, however, there are steps you can take to give your body the kind of support it needs to start shedding the pounds.

One such step comes in the form of whole-body cryotherapy, which whilst not exactly a brand new practice, is something that is being increasingly being recognized for its medical benefits e.g. how it can help athletes to achieve quicker recovery times (ncbi 2017). In this blog, we take a look at exactly what’s involved in full-body cryotherapy and how it works its magic.  So, without further delay, let’s get started.

So, What is Full Body Cryotherapy?

The practice of full-body cryotherapy involves the person in question entering a chamber (known as a cryosauna), up to the neck, for a period of around 3 minutes. During this time, the body is subject to extremely low temperatures, which has no major effect on your core temperature, but it does cause the body to react.

This reaction comes in the form of shivering, as your body attempts to warm itself by making your muscles spasm. The important thing to remember is that full-body cryotherapy is safe (ncbi 2018), is always conducted under the constant supervision of a trained medical therapist and you’re always free to leave at any time you like – so no worries about being trapped inside.

And How Does it Aid Weight Loss?

Metabolic rates vary from person to person and have a strong influence on how fast or slow a person is able to shed weight. Whole-body cryotherapy aids weight loss by increasing the rate of metabolism and this happens as the brain sends out signals that are released immediately after your brief session has finished. It does this because it recognizes that your body heat needs to increase and it achieves it by allowing more blood to be pumped to your core.

This blood is super-enriched and as it pumps back into your warming body, it helps to boost your immunity and is also known to aid cell renewal (Cryopdx 2019) and provide a natural form of pain relief. Your body has to work hard and expend a considerable quantity of energy (calories) as it warms itself and in this state, your organs and muscles are flooded with nutrient-rich blood.

Use it As Part of A Healthy Lifestyle

You should always be wary of get-slim-quick programs that offer the ability to lose weight without the need for sensible eating and regular exercise and whole-body cryotherapy is no different. On its own, the treatment will achieve very little in terms of helping you to lose weight, so it’s important to say at this point that cryotherapy will only boost your weight loss if you’re already leading an active lifestyle and watching what you eat.

However, the great thing about full-body cryotherapy is that it provides such a boost to the metabolism that it can result in between 500 and 800 calories being expended after just a few minutes of treatment. This is equivalent to a 45-minute jog and the increase in metabolism often results in the body continuing to burn extra calories throughout the day. Combined with sensible eating and regular exercise, the boost that cryotherapy provides can really get your weight loss moving.

In Summary

The more studies that are conducted into the efficacy of full-body cryotherapy, the more it seems that health benefits are being discovered. The science certainly supports the idea that the treatment can provide a real boost to weight loss, especially when taken on a regular basis. The fact that it’s safe, quick, effective and easy to fit into your daily routine goes some way to explaining why so many people are turning to whole body cryotherapy as a weight loss aid.

Sure, it may be relatively expensive when compared to other types of weight loss support, but it’s natural, provides the body with a variety of other associated health benefits and is completely safe. Take just a few sessions whilst dieting and exercising and we believe you’ll be very pleased with the results it provides.


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